When winter finally retreats and signs of spring appear, there’s always a resurgence of brightly-coloured clothing. People tend to dress to reflect their mood, and if you’re feeling low in midwinter, you’re justified in draping yourself in darker colours. During the height of summer, there’s hardly any monochrome to be seen as we all opt for lighter, brighter colours and patterned fabrics.

That’s all very well, but in the Western world, we often find that seasons aren’t nearly as clear-cut as they once were. We’ve had snow at Easter and drizzle throughout July; our dreams of white Christmases really are just that, and Halloween can see us wearing shorts. So how can we rock our African fashion while keeping up with the weather?

main_13215_FGDAn easy way to weave a little bit of Africa into springtime or autumnal clothing is with a long skirt or dress. They look great with boots and jackets and keep us warm without needing several layers! Try pairing a Julius Holland wax print with a dark jacket, or a Vlisco Java print with sturdy boots and leggings to stride through showers with a splash of colour.

During the summer months when we’re out and about, albeit with the constant threat of rain, a head tie can provide us with some protection from the elements, whether the sun beats down or hides behind storm clouds. Empire stocks a wide variety of Empress head ties in colours and designs ranging from plain pink to outlandish orange.

Jeans are a staple item in all but the hottest of weathers, and they’re easy to mix with African styles in any season. Try a pretty Swiss Voile top with jeans if you’re going somewhere smart in the spring, or combine a Mitex Holland wax print blouse with jeans and flat shoes for work. If the weather’s dubious, add a cardigan!

If you’d like to dress to impress but you’re choosing to wear a Western dress or suit to match the occasion, then Empire’s selection of shoes and bags could be perfect accessories – unless you’ve also got to wear snow boots!