At Empire Textiles, we’re very aware that for a lot of women, finding the right shoes and bag to match an outfit can be tricky. So why not start with a unique pair of shoes and match your clothing to go with it? We’ve come up with some outfits and occasions that are just crying out for you to wear West African footwear.


Jeans and shoes


large_4530_BGB606 - M4Nothing says ‘effortlessly chic’ like a smart pair of skinny jeans matched with some cute high heels. Especially stylish if you’re wearing black jeans and a dark top, your shoes add a pop of colour without taking away from the rest of your outfit. Take a look at the Bruno Giordano range!


Long skirts


main_4144_Red+-+MainIf you’re attending an event and want to wear a long skirt or dress – maybe it’s a garden party or long lunch – your shoes complete your ensemble. They’ll peek out from under your skirt, adding a little bit of glamour to the occasion.





main_2891_SL+_+MainNothing says ‘a good night out’ like a pair of high heels. Pair some Alberto Maldini wedges with a little black dress to add a splash of colour to a classic look. If you’re already wearing bright West African prints, you might want a pair of shoes that complement the rest of your outfit rather than complete it – so you might want to opt for heels in a block colour like grey or black.



Summer holidays


main_1630_510Many of our shoes are sandals, so they’re excellent for summer holidays when you want to give your feet a rest from heels but wear something a little more stylish than flip-flops! Try our Bellissimo range for low-heeled, open-toed shoes in a variety of colours that will match your evening wear; they’re perfect for heading out to dinner or sipping cocktails!



Days out


large_4123_OR - ZoomIf you’re going on a day out to a family event or party, and you want a bag that looks good while carrying all your belongings, we highly recommend our Bruno Giodarno range of matching shoes and bags. They come in a range of colours and match seamlessly, adding a little bling to your outfit.