Lace isn’t just for shawls and your grandmother’s curtains! Over the past few years beautiful, colourful laces have exploded on to the catwalk and are now worn by everyone from…

  Lace has become an integral part of African fashion and here at Empire Textiles, it’s a popular fabric that’s shipped around the world to make high-quality garments. In particular,…

Guipure lace is a staple of African fashion and popular throughout the world for it’s intricate design and hard wearing quality. Read about it’s origins here!

Have you heard of African Fashion Festival in New Zealand? Nor had we… That’s why we urge you to help support initiatives like this that show such passion. Have a read about it here.

West African Fashion and Lace are very much connected. Whether Swiss, Austrian or Viole the vibrant colours and patterns are sure to suit any occasion. Read more here!

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