Are you about to embark upon creating a comfortable item of men’s clothing for every day wear? Or have you been tasked with creating a sleek and sophisticated men’s outfit to wear to a formal gathering?

Regardless of the particular attire that you intend to design and create, the first thing you will need to consider is what fabric to use. In these instances, our Empire Textiles team highly recommend using a Swiss Voile material. These luxurious Swiss cotton fabrics can be used to create all manner of casual and formal attire and, as such, are extremely popular West African materials that are worn by both men and women. Therefore, irrespective of whether you intend to create an outfit for a formal gathering or simply for everyday wear, listed below are some of the reasons why you may wish to consider investing in one of our Swiss Voile materials:

A selection of Men's Swiss Voile from Empire Textiles




1 – Lightweight fabrics

Due to the fact that Swiss Voile materials are woven in loose squares from either cotton or woollen fabrics, they are lightweight to wear yet resilient enough to be customised in the manner of your choosing. For instance, at Empire Textiles we currently offer an exquisite Swiss Voile fabrics range from manufacturers Filtex, who offer materials that feature a woven embroidery and perforated finish. Consequently, you can rest assured that you will remain cool, comfortable and looking eminently stylish on warm days by creating clothing from these lightweight fabrics.



main_4820_LIL2 – Broad range of choice

Another benefit of investing in Swiss Voile fabrics is the diverse array of stylistic choice at your disposal. For instance, if you intend to create a sophisticated outfit for attending a wedding then the muted tones and subtle patterns of our Getzner Yard materials will be ideal. Alternatively, if you would prefer to create a more vibrant outfit with which to attend a social gathering then there are also a myriad of beautiful patterns, pastel tones and vibrant materials available in our Swiss Yard fabrics range. The choice is yours!



main_14371_SKY3 – Versatile materials

Irrespective of whether you need to create a short or long sleeved top, trousers, a full outfit or traditional overthrow, by choosing a Swiss Voile material you will be equipped with a broad spectrum of stylistic choice with which to make your preferred men’s attire. Moreover, all of our Swiss Voile materials are available in 10-yard lengths, which will provide you with all the fabric you need in order to create your ideal men’s outfit.