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Filtex Voile

Filtex Swiss Voile are available in a whole host colours. Our carefully chosen selection brings together simple weaves with beautiful patterns, vibrant colours alongside pastel tones and richly textured pieces... Ideal for Gentlemen.

Filtex Swiss Voile is a unisex fabric, suitable for wear by both men and women, voile is a versatile material, both comfortable and sleek, it's a staple of West African couture.

Crafted from Swiss Cotton & made in Switzerland. Ideal West African party wear but durable enough for every day. Truly a versatile fabric!

Available in 10 yard / 9.1m or 5 yard (4.6m) lengths by 50 inch (1.27m) widths.

Shipped worldwide!

Wholesale Discount Available for bulk orders!





FLT649 - Filtex Voile Purple
Sizes: 10 Yards,5 Yards

PRICE - $259.20
FLT646 - Filtex Voile White
Sizes: 10 Yards,5 Yards

PRICE - $259.20

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