When wearing African fashion, such as a wax print dress, it can be tough deciding how to accessorise your outfit. Should you go with minimalist modern earrings, wear no accessories at all, or go all-out with African accessories? Here at Empire Textiles, we think the latter! Not only is African jewellery simply stunning, it has a rich and vibrant heritage dating back thousands of years. A unique pair of earrings or a wonderfully resplendent necklace would perfectly complement your African outfit, and here’s why:


Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.12.551. It’s unique

If you’re hoping to stand out at an event, why not pair some pretty African jewellery with your outfit? It’s almost guaranteed that nobody else will be wearing anything like it. You’ll be the most fashionable one there and it will most certainly become a talking point. Because African jewellery is so vibrant and interesting, it becomes a statement piece. It can be the focal point of your entire outfit.


2. It has a rich heritage

Some of the oldest jewellery known to man has been found in Africa. Tribal jewellery from West Africa held great cultural significance and has been made for tens of thousands of years. For instance, beaded belts were commonly found at weddings and anklets were worn to ritual dances. Jewellery even represented the status of an individual. So rather than picking up a boring piece that’s supposedly on-trend, take the opportunity to wear something that has a story behind it.


Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.12.453. It’s well-crafted

Because of its rich heritage, craftsmen have spent years perfecting their jewellery-making techniques. This means that African jewellery is some of the most beautiful in the world today. In particular, West Africa is known for producing some of the best beadwork. Many tribes have come to make a strong living from their handiwork as a result.


4. African-inspired fashion is popular

You only have to look at Pinterest to see how popular African-inspired styles are becoming among fashionable women. There are lots of people trying to get the perfect look with their outfit, whether it’s traditional or with a modern twist. From colourful African bags and headgear, to clothing with bold lines and prints, African fashion is certainly in demand. Jewellery is a vital element that could help you pull off the look with a bang.



So buy yourself an African outfit and some complementary jewellery today!