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Vlisco Java

Vlisco Java fabric reflects Vlisco's Indonesian connections with it's rich and  detailed print.

Featuring vivid, rich colours and dazzling pattens, the Vlisco Java fabrics have special sheen finishes that feel super soft and silky to the touch and help the patterns reflect the light beautifually. The Java fabric designs are printed on one side of the 100% cotton fabric but are also clearly visible at the reverse side.

The appealing patterns and bold colour combinations ensure that everyone can express their personality in their clothing. We have Vlisco Java fabric to suit both ladies and gentlemen and the range of patterns and colours (From muted tones to detailed, bright patterns) are perfect for any occasion or everyday wear!

Available in 6 Yards (5.486m) lengths by 50 inch (127cm) widths and shipped worldwide!





VJV559 - Vlisco Exclusive Java

PRICE - $67.50
VJV435 - Vlisco Java

PRICE - $67.50
VJV437 - Vlisco Java

PRICE - $54.00
EVJ008 - Exclusive Vlisco Java

PRICE - $60.75

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