West African head gear is famed throughout the world. Choosing the right head wear to suit you and the occasion is essential!

The bright and bold look of African fashion may not be for everyone but with a bit of direction you’ll see it’s influence in fashion generally around the globe.

Aso Oke with it’s vibrant colours and fresh cotton feel is a favourite in West African and Nigerian fashion. Find out more about this timeless piece.

Have you heard of African Fashion Festival in New Zealand? Nor had we… That’s why we urge you to help support initiatives like this that show such passion. Have a read about it here.

African clothing has a vibrant and interesting history to match its bright and bold textiles. This history is thought to stretch back 75,000 years! Although tracking the evolution of African…

African weddings are a time to celebrate the eccentricities that are prevalent in the roots of this rich culture. Here are some tips on what you could achieve with the right fabrics and accessories…

No African outfit is complete without a stunning gele. This piece of West African head gear should compliment the outfit – But you can read more about the origins of the cloth here!

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