There are many ways a club may present their theme and of course when you show up you want to look your absolute best. It’s important as a fashionable party attendant to dress appropriately, even if that means wearing colourful Brocades or demure Velvet Lace. There is nothing worse than showing up to the party dressed in the wrong way. If your destination is a local bar or simple beer garden, chances are everyone will be dressed casually. When visiting trendy sites such as popular night spots, relaxed wear should be out. Instead, trendy clothing with a dash of sparkle would be much more appropriate.


The first time you head out to a club, you may not be aware of the theme or proper dress code. One way to make sure that you look the part is to check out the club’s website for images of common party attendees. You may also consider calling to speak with the event host or hostess. They will be happy to tell you the type of attire that a person is expected to wear when visiting. Here are a few other tips on the ins and outs of proper wardrobe choices for a night on the town.


Dress Code Enforcement


The majorities of night spots have some sort of dress code, and will enforce them by way of allowing or rejecting patron’s entry into the club. While there are a selected few that have specific dress rules, most follow a general consensus. For women, the rules are pretty lax across the board. As long as a woman dresses well, she won’t have a hard time getting in. Getting classed up in a nice Exclusive Vliso Super wax print outfit is a great way to dazzle your way in the door.  Men on the other hand have a bit more complex dress code to adhere to, but are still easy to follow. For example, a trendy West African may decide to show his status in some of Empire Textiles Wagamabari Brocade. The rules can even vary from person to person.





Despite both posted and unspoken dress codes, the final decision lies with the doorman. Make a point to dress well enough to impress the person controlling the line, as well as impress the other revelers. If you are not sure about your attire; for men, sticking with a well-fitting pair of pants, a nice polo shirt and snappy shoes is a good bet. For the women, a nice skirt that’s neither too long or two short paired with heels and an attractively fit blouse is a safe option.





What Not To Wear


In some cases, people wearing clothes that are not included in the dress code can still gain entry. If you happen to be one of those people that can pull of any outfit with flair and style, chances are your indiscretions will be overlooked or even lauded as trendy. There are a few items however that are universally known as a no-no when it comes to party attire.


  •     Overly saggy jean or pants
  •     Sneakers or tennis shoes
  •     Professional sports caps- (not including fedoras and such)
  •     Sports jerseys
  •     Pants that are cut off
  •     Any type of Beanie
  •    Capri’s for both male and females
  •    With exception of Miami- Bedazzled clothing, graphitised clothing like Ed Hardy or Christian Audigier.


The Scoop on Collared Shirts


Being an individual in a mass of people is the common goal of most party attendees. You don’t however want to come off as a douche bag.  Wearing collared shirts is a good way to make an impression on the opposite sex, but if too many people in the same club are dressed similarly, the effect can be overwhelming. To set your self apart from the newbie’s add some flair to your style such as looking for a color and style of collared shirt that is uncommon. You can also wear a nice sports coat or blazer to further set yourself apart. Empress Swiss Voiles from Empire Textiles are a sure way to stand apart from the club crowd and attract just the right amount of attention.

Keep our list of what not to wear in mind, believe it or not collared shirts do come in the dreaded jeweled out look. Try to be unique but don’t go in the extra cheesy direction that type of swag can take you.  For a polished look, try classy shirts from places such as English Laundry.


The Scoop on T-Shirts


Depending on the scene, you may be tempted to just throw on a fashionable T-shirt and hit the dance floor. Keep in mind that even the most relaxed themed night clubs still want their patrons to put forth the effort to look nice when they visit. The door man is not very likely to allow you entrance, no matter how expensive or stylish your simple T-shirt is.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get your comfort wear past the guard. If you are a regular, chances are your choice may be overlooked if not repeated too often. Also, if you are known as a big tipper, chances are you will get on the fast track to being let in. Of all visitors, most don’t fall in either category. Try adding a jacket to cover your comfortable threads, and just remove it once you have settled into your seat inside.




The Scoop on Jeans, Dress Pants and Hats


 Dress pants are not a typical choice for club attendees, but if you want to rock the look there is nothing to stop you.  Try to stay away from suite pants and opt for khakis or slacks to present a trendier relaxed look.  Jeans are another option popular among the club crowd. Avoid ripped jeans as well as those that don’t sit well on your waist. The baggy look may be ok for the bus, but in the club no one wants to see your half washed underwear.  Sports hats should be left at home, but if you want to don a trendy headpiece, keep it classy. Rimmed hats, fedoras and berets are all great choices for the fashionable clubber, to be extra vibrant, consider making one or two from our head ties fabric collection.




The Scoop on Shoes and Glasses


Tennis shoes are out, dress shoes or leather kicks are always a safe choice. If you are dead set on wearing athletic kicks, then choosing ones that are undercover will allow you to dance in comfort.  Most people put a lot of thought into their footwear, but clubs like to maintain their status, and wont care a bit about your new trendy kicks.  The exception is that putting together a very good outfit will allow you to wear you new kicks without being bounced from the line.

Sunglasses, yes, the favoured hater blockers; every club will allow you to wear them, even though the sun is far gone from the sky. Just because you are allowed in, doesn’t mean that you should commit such an obvious fashion error.  Leave them at home, or if you are a girl, wear them as a cute hair piece.