Statement necklaces can make an old boring outfit look stunning. They are a perfect accessory to pair with a simple outfit for a day or night out. I recently developed a great liking for jewelry because they complete my look and take it from simple or just plain to more dramatic and gorgeous. I like jewelry due to the fact that they do not go out of season and can be paired with almost anything so I do not feel the pinch when buying them. I like to have a collection so that I will have something for every occasion.


A Lorraine Tyne necklace with gold and silver in it can go with almost anything. This mixture of metals is really interesting and stunning. You can pair this necklace with a white top and a pair of coloured shorts. It also is a great addition to some of the more traditional East African styles and offsets feminine voile lace blouses nicely.



A red beaded Campari statement necklace from Stella& Dot can be paired with the little black dress or a casual top and a pair of jeans, or even with a daring Dutch Super Java wax print outfit for everyday wear. You can also use it to dress up for cocktails with a printed skirt and a black jacket. It is fun and can be paired with most colors of the outfit.

Another favorite from Stella & Dot is a Zahara bib necklace. It is colorful and has multiple strands of jade stones that have been dyed, sodalite, large golden balls and glass beads and can be paired with plain white or colored top made from African Georges and cropped pants and wedges and a cute handbag for a day out.




An Indira necklace also from Stella & Dot is a fabulous piece to own. I like it because of its amazing design which consists of semi-precious stones which are dyed, brass beads that are gold coated and these are sewn on to a leather bib. It is an amazing work of art that pairs very well with a lot of the traditional West African styles and colors in French Lace.

Bahari necklaces are also a good choice of a statement necklace. It has three strands consisting of a mixture of acrylic stones and dyed jade. This can be worn to the office and paired with attires with nude hues like the ones in the Chief Executive Brocades offered by Empire Textiles because of its bold colors.



A peach H &M necklace can be paired with a Wax Print blazer, a pair of black shorts and a tank, a pair of strappy heels and a golden clutch. It will work to break monochromatic outfit and just pop.

Francesca (Renée’s)  golden necklace made of interlocked rings can be paired with a pair of bold shorts and a cute Traditional African colored top made from Exclusive Atampa and pair of sandals for a more casual look.


For special occasions, you can pair a plunging black dress with a golden snake orb pedant necklace also by Stella& Dot. This necklace is a good match for the plunging neckline and it pops against the black dress.

An Astor five strand necklace is a good choice for a night in town. It can be paired with a cute grey dress and a black clutch and a pair of heels.


A Stevie fringed necklace worn over a bright colored top with buttons paired with a pencil skirt will create a great office look.


Whether it’s a night out in the town, cocktails, Christmas party, office functions, lazy day at home, date night, casual Friday or even just a weekend out, statement necklaces will rock your outfit.