African weddings are a time to celebrate the eccentricities that are prevalent in the roots of this rich culture. The day should present itself as a fashion show, exuding colour on elaborate fabrics, or developing classic looks. From sheer ivory dresses with ornate detailing to outlandish and outrageous headpieces, every aspect of the wedding ensemble should be stunning. Here are some tips on what you could achieve with the right fabrics and accessories…


The wedding dress


main_2891_SL+_+MainMany brides choose to match their outfits accordingly to the groom, often opting for a beautiful ivory look whilst the rest of the guests wear colourful garments. If you want to be more daring, go for a sparkling gold fabric. This colour is widely recognised as a symbol of affluence, making you look and feel like a Nubian Queen. Go for a nice cotton brocade for the main fabric, perhaps stitching on some jewels and crystals to add a touch of glamour. Alternatively, you could go for a more classic ivory look, in which case, combine this with a beautiful White Bellissimo shoe.


The headpiece


main_12730__SEGO_DS5_PRThe gele headpiece is an emblematic part of the wedding outfit. For many Southern and Western Africans, it really helps towards creating a magnificent wedding look that will stun their guests. Colour is important here, particularly if you have gone for a vibrant dress. Purple is regarded as the colour of royalty, so if you truly want to feel like a queen for the day, this is the colour for your wedding headpiece.



Evening gown

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If you have gone for a less exuberant wedding dress, the evening gown is where you can shine. Combine vibrant prints on cotton brocade and George, combined with a delicate guipure lace that will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Make it sexy and fitted, but comfortable to wear, ready for dancing the night away!


The groom


Make sure you and the groom look like the perfect couple by matching your outfits. The dashiki shirt should be made from a brocade fabric, along with the agbada gown with a matching gele headpiece.