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Sego Ipele & Gele

For the best quality products in traditional African Sego Ipele and Gele head ties why not check out what we have to offer here at Empire Textiles.

Our range of almost 40 different styles means you'll have a hard time finding something that doesn't match your outfit! We know how important variety, quality and the latest styles are to our customers, which is why we offer a full range of Sego Ipele and Gele head ties in a whole host of traditional African fabrics, colours, shades and textures.

From subtle patterns and natural earthy colours to bold and vibrant designs, we have every style you could need for any occasion here at Empire Textiles. Our range also features a variety of mesmerising and seductively coloured pieces with richly lustrous metallic printing and swirling feather print effects West African SegomIpele & Gele Head ties.

Each set contains a head-tie and wrapper, which includes two pieces of 2.5 yards and an additional single yard. At amazingly low prices, and with many in our special deals section, this stunning range of Sego Ipele and Gele from Empire Textiles is not to be missed.





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