You do not need to be from Africa to enjoy beautiful African fashion, as the style of African clothing and accessories can look wonderful on anyone. The key is knowing how to wear African fashion so that it makes a statement but isn’t too much, and doesn’t appear gaudy or overdone. African clothing and accessories are often brightly coloured and intricate, making it easy to impress when you choose this style for an event or special occasion.


Keep it simple

When you are wearing African clothing and accessories, try to keep it as simple as possible so that you don’t create a look that is too overwhelming and comes across like you are trying too hard. Although a lot of African clothing has very bold patterns and colours, it is still possible to keep this looking simple by choosing one brightly coloured piece or bold pattern, and keeping everything else more muted.

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Make a statement

African fashion is definitely not for wallflowers. Be as bold as you like when choosing African clothes to wear for a special occasion. The brighter the colour or bolder the print, the more of a statement you will make. You can also try having one statement piece to accentuate your outfit as a whole, perhaps choosing shoes with a bright African print or a large piece of African jewellery.

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Know the meaning behind your jewellery

In African cultures, jewellery often holds a lot of symbolism and tribal significance. Beads, for example, represent different things depending on their colour. Black implies age and wisdom whilst yellow beads are for those of a high rank. Blue is for fertility and red is reserved for tribal festivals and special occasions.


Try a head wrap

For those looking for something that will really stand out, a head wrap is a traditional African look that can really make a statement. Although a lot of African materials are loose and breezy, the head wrap should be made from stiff fabric, and when wrapped properly, will look like a stiff flower petal. The Asa Oke fabric is the perfect example of this!