Spare fabric doesn’t have to be left un-used, breath new life into your African fabric off-cuts with these simple projects.

1. Coin Purse

Coin purses are extremely easy to make. and can really set an outfit off if the purse is made from the same fabric as the outfit you are wearing. A small purse can be made out of scraps of fabric, making this a great choice to use up some spare fabric. As simple as doubling up the chosen fabric and sewing 3 sides creating a pocket. Then a zip can be added to keep coins secure. This can be completed within minutes and make lovely, thoughtful gifts.

2. Necklace

A simple necklace made from tied fabric

A necklace is another simple but effective accessory to any outfit. It’s even better when it’s homemade. Using long cuts of fabric this is a simple project that can be finished in minutes and will give you a timeless piece you can wear time and time again. Sew along the sleeve of fabric on all 3 sides creating a long pocket. Fill with wooden balls or marbles. Stitch in between the fillers to define each segment. Then stitch the ends together making sure to check how low the necklace will hang.

3. Tissue Box Holder

A tissue box holder is a perfect way to cover up an unsightly box and use some spare fabrics in the process. With this one the possibilities are endless, there is no right or wrong way to craft a cover. The cover can be fitted to the box that you are using or a looser fit for a shabby chic style. Experiment with different fabrics an colours to make unique table pieces for your home.

4. Drawstring Bag

A small drawstring bag is ideal for keeping jewellery and other trinkets safe. Simple to make from one larger piece of fabric and a small thin piece for the drawstring. The body of the bag takes minutes craft by sewing up 3 sides of the fabric together creating a pocket. Then all you have to do is add a hem at the top to hold the string. This project is suitable as a first project to get children into sewing and has endless possibilities with the and styles of fabric.

5. Wall Art

African fabrics such as Vlisco Super Wax and Lace are bright, vibrant stylish Making them perfect for art! Wall art can come in many designs and styles but this one is quite unique to you and what type of fabric you choose. Size is dependant on the space that you want to fill with your art, but we always recommend starting small and building up from there. There are a few ways wall art can be achieved but we recommend getting a cork heat mat as a base. Stretch the fabric flat across the surface and glue the excess fabric at the back. It’s that simple!