Picking the right accessories to go with your traditional West African outfit can be tricky.
We’ve come up with this short guide to steer you in the right direction.
Here at Empire Textiles, we stock a huge range of Shoes and bag sets from top Italian designers, making it easy to find the perfect combo.

Colour selection

Colour combos can be tricky to get right.
Most people will pair subtle colour shoes and accessories with brighter garments or the other way round.
We recommend bright colour accessories with bright garments as long as the colours compliment each other.
Such as red shoes with a blue dress to create a contrast. Topping the outfit off with other red accessories such as earrings or a bag.


Deciding on the style of shoes is a much harder decision.
Shoes that have a higher heel and a peep toe are more elegant, so are more suited to more formal or larger occasions.
Shoes that have a slower heel are more suited to any occasion and can be paired with more outfits thus being more versatile.
Bags are an easier choice as gas can be paired with any outfit as long as the colour compliments the outfit.
The main question with a bag is whether you want a clutch bag or a handbag. This is based on preference more than a typing choice.
Lots of styles are available from Empire Textiles. With bags now being stocked alongside the shoe and bag sets. Making it even easier to find the perfect accessories.


Pairing the right type of accessories can always be a challenge and with West African fashion this is even truer where standing out is the aim with vibrant fabrics and patterns.
Fabrics with brighter colours such as Wax prints from Mitex Holland can make a bold statement putting you at the front of the crowd.
Being at the front of the crowd and standing out requires confidence. Choosing accessories that you feel comfortable in like a pair of shoes that are comfortable and look good can boost your confidence and help you feel proud to stand ut in your African fabrics.

Whatever accessories you favour. We have a large range of Shoes and bags to choose from top Italian designers from Bruno Giordano to Enzo Diroma.