necklace-on-tableVlisco fabrics are vibrant, diverse and intricately designed. Their bright colours and vivid patterns are instantly recognisable. Consequently, they are ideal for making energetic, visually engaging garments. Any clothing made using one of our Vlisco fabrics is guaranteed to stand out and make a statement. However, if you own a garment made from Vlisco, you may be wondering how you should accessorise it. Choosing the right accessories can turn a good outfit into a great outfit. That’s why we’ve decided to give you some valuable advice on accessorising your Vlisco fabric outfit.

1. Headwear

Garments made from Vlisco fabric are bold and lively, so it’s important to choose headwear that has a similarly striking appearance. This will help to create a cohesive and coherent garment that has a high level of visual impact. Ergo, rather than choosing a conventional hat, we suggest that you pair your Vlisco fabric garment with a colourful Sego Ipele and Gele. These traditional African head-ties combine grandeur with vivacious energy, so they go perfectly with clothing made from Vlisco.

2. Jewellery

When selecting jewellery to add to a Vlisco-based ensemble, you have two main options. Firstly, you can choose large, colourful pieces of statement jewellery. These pieces will blend with the Vlisco fabric’s powerful aesthetic and enhance its impact. Alternatively, you can choose smaller items of gold or silver jewellery. These pieces are more subdued and will provide a counterpoint to the main garment’s striking appearance. This will help them lend the outfit a more subtle aesthetic overall.

3. Shoes

Why not finish off your Vlisco-based outfit with a pair of tall, heeled shoes? High-heeled shoes (or shoes with moderately tall heels) can add to your height and give you a confident gait and stature which will complement your outfit nicely.

By following this easy advice, you can create an outfit that accentuates the splendour of your Vlisco fabric clothing. In fact, if you need any shoes or headwear to go with your garment, you’ll find a range of options here at Empire Textiles. We offer traditional Sego Ipele and Gele head-ties alongside shoes from such luminary brands as Baggio and Lucia Fabiani. So what are you waiting for? Start accessorising your Vlisco outfit today.