Here at Empire Textiles, we offer a wide variety of lace (including Guipure Lace and French Lace) alongside our printed wax fabrics, head ties and other products. This is because lace has an important role in African fashion and styles that use African fabric. It is often coupled with other fabrics to produce beautiful and elaborate garments. But how exactly does lace augment and improve an outfit made from African fabric? In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how lace can be used to supplement and improve a garment. We hope that this will help you use it effectively when creating your outfit.

1. Offsetting patterns

Many African fabrics (such as Vlisco and Mitex Holland fabrics) feature very elaborately, colourful patterns. In contrast, lace looks lighter and simpler, even when it is brightly coloured. It can, therefore, be used to complement and offset the more vibrant designs found on other fabrics. It accentuates these designs and draws attention to them while simultaneously preventing them from appearing too overwhelming.

2. Cultivating a sense of luxury

Whether it appears in conjunction with an African fabric or a more western one, lace always adds a touch of class and luxury to the overall garment. Its delicacy and ethereal quality mean that it can be used to add an extra dash of sophistication and refinement to a garment. It is therefore ideal for creating outfits that you intend to wear to special occasions (such as weddings) or prestigious events. When used in conjunction with traditional, vibrant African fabrics, it can be used to create something truly regal and spectacular.

3. Adding a feminine touch

Lace isn’t just associated with luxury: it is also associated with femininity. If an outfit features an angular pattern or harshly contrasting colours, you may wish to soften it a little by adding a feminine touch. Lace is ideal for this purpose.

Lace is a very versatile material and can be used with any other type of African fabric to produce amazing garments. We hope that the guidance we have provided in today’s blog will help you make the most of this gorgeous material.