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  • DRY334 - Dry Lace
    DRY334 - Dry Lace

    PRICE - $89.10

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  • SLV379 - Big Voile Lace
    SLV379 - Big Voile Lace

    NOW - $172.80
    R.R.P - $432.00
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  • SLV382 - Big Voile Lace
    SLV382 - Big Voile Lace

    NOW - $162.00
    R.R.P - $324.00
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  • EXC518 - Voile Lace
    EXC518 - Voile Lace

    NOW - $56.70
    R.R.P - $189.00
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  • SPL611 - French Net Lace
    SPL611 - French Net Lace

    PRICE - $94.50

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  • SPL620 - Voile Lace
    SPL620 - Voile Lace

    PRICE - $47.25

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  • TKG101 - Voile Lace
    TKG101 - Voile Lace

    PRICE - $47.25

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  • FRN211 - French Net Lace
    FRN211 - French Net Lace

    NOW - $66.15
    R.R.P - $189.00
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  • FRN215 - French Net Lace
    FRN215 - French Net Lace

    PRICE - $81.00

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Empire Textiles - West African Fabrics


Bold, beautiful and unique – Empire Textiles is your one-stop shop for all your West African textile needs. We proudly provide beautifully embellished and high-quality fabrics, as well as top-class fashion products specially chosen to provide the utmost feeling of luxury and delight to the senses. We aim to be the best seller of West African Fabric Online.

Empire textiles supply a vast range of materials & products including Swiss voile fabric, Swiss laces, wax prints, brocades by the meter or yard and much more. We also stock traditional West African head-ties and geles and even matching handbag and shoe sets from some of Italy's top designers which are immensely popular with our West African and Nigerian clientele.

West African Fashion Shipped Worldwide

Empire Textiles offer flat rate & express delivery plus free shipping on qualifying orders. Please see FAQ's at the bottom of the page for more info.

Looking to buy Fabrics & Textiles in bulk? Great!

Please click on the "wholesale" link at the top of the page to register for discounted prices. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Thank you for visiting Empire Textiles - the largest and most trusted West African fabric store.

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