Have you heard of African Fashion Festival in New Zealand? Nor had we… That’s why we urge you to help support initiatives like this that show such passion. Have a read about it here.

Swiss voile is a favourite material: It’s versatile and popular with men and women alike. But what makes voile different to other materials, and how did it become such an important part of African fashion?

African weddings are a time to celebrate the eccentricities that are prevalent in the roots of this rich culture. Here are some tips on what you could achieve with the right fabrics and accessories…

West African Fashion and Lace are very much connected. Whether Swiss, Austrian or Viole the vibrant colours and patterns are sure to suit any occasion. Read more here!

THE NETHERLANDS, HELMOND-internet connectivity across Africa can be very slow but this has not hindered more than 9,000 affluent young women from different African states to meet online and discuss…

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