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Mitex Holland

Our range of Mitex Holland Wax Prints mostly sees fabrics utilising the traditional West African wax print combinations of large angular and circular shapes in contrasting colours to create a striking yet natural look.

The range of colours mostly focuses on earthy tones, with browns, oranges, greens and greys, struck together in harmony to create a timeless appeal. Mitex Holland also utilises contrasting tones, with royal blues and reds as well as pinks and greens to create a more effeminate and lively look amongst their prints.

Available in 6 yard cuts, these pieces look great as traditional African uniforms. Mitex Holland is one of the most popular brands of wax prints in West Africa, updating the most beloved prints with a contemporary finish.

With some of these finest-quality prints available through Empire Textiles we are proud to host an extensive range at affordable prices.





MTX389 - Mitex Holland Wax

R.R.P $27.60
NOW $22.08

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