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Vlisco Wax Wax

Vlisco Wax Wax features everything you would expect from Vlieco fabric, with gorgeous and innovative designs, bold colours and a luxurious feel. But Vlisco WaxWax has a secret which means it has a different pattern printed on both sides of the fabric! This opens up a world of possibilities for anyone creating dresses or fashions from the WaxWax fabric that simply would not be possible with any other Wax Print. 
Vlisco WaxWax is embellished with fine gold, silver or copper to leave the fabric with a stunning shimmer and shine to it on one side. This adds to the luxury and shows a clear difference between the two patterned sides of the fabric. The fabric comes in 6 yards (5.4m) lengths by 50 inched (127cm) widths. 

Vlisco Wax Wax Halftone Effects:

The key design feature of Vlisco WaxWax is the two-sided pattern it displays. This is thanks to Vlisco developing a "halftone effect" which involves the application of two classic patterns from the Vlisco archive of designs. The fabric is then bathed for over 2 hours in indigo, the wax is removed and the designs are born. It enables the fabric to have two completely separate patterns on either side and thus the halftone effect is demonstrated! 

Vlisco WaxWax Wholesale

Empire Textiles are proud to stock Vlisco WaxWax fabric and we'll ship to virtually anywhere in the world! We can provide discounts for our wholesale customers who order in large quantities and may even provide free, fast shipping depending on your order size. 





VES196 - Vlisco Wax Wax


PRICE - $171.60
VES193 - Vlisco Wax Wax


PRICE - $171.60

Wax Wax

Vlisco Wax Wax prints are designed to stand out with beautiful patterns on each side of the fabric. With high-quality details that can be missed with a simple glance. 

One side has deep indigo tones which are unique to the Wax Wax design.  The other side features stand-out metallic highlights for a shimmering effect. 

Wax Wax is traditional yet modern, rooted in Dutch and African heritage. 

Available for a limited time only to ensure exclusivity. 

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