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Grand Superwax

A more exclusive version of Super-Wax, rich in colours and bubbling, and printed with a gloss finish. The most defining (and beloved) feature of a Super-Wax is its duo-colour “bubbling” print effect. Grand Super-Wax is a luxurious twist on the original, using Vlisco cotton satin. Grand Super-Wax is made using a highly-unique wax printing technique unlike any other in the world: every piece is created with an unequalled and extraordinary level of care and precision. First, a design in liquid wax is printed on cotton satin. A base dye such as indigo soaks into the cloth around the wax, leaving behind a deep, intense colour. The magic of the ‘wax-breaking’ during the printing process results in a large, irregular pattern of vein-like bubbles throughout the design. One single piece of Grand Super-Wax goes through an average of 27 total step before it receives a final gloss finish, and a select number of Grand Super-Wax fabrics are covered from edge-to-edge in transparent glitter.  

Looks stunning in red-carpet gowns, bridal wear, and luxurious tops and skirts.





VGW114 - Vlisco Grand SuperWax


PRICE - $200.00
VGW111 - Vlisco Grand SuperWax


PRICE - $200.00
VGW110 - Vlisco Grand SuperWax


PRICE - $200.00
VGW109 - Vlisco Grand SuperWax


PRICE - $200.00

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