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Mix & Match Woodin By Vlisco

Mix & Match Woodin by Vlisco is stunning two-piece fabric that is designed and produced in Ghana for West African Fashion Textiles by Vlisco. 

Created from super fine cotton with a luxurious texture that's often compared to silk, the two pieces of fabric are created to compliment one another and form a gorgeous pair that work perfectly together. Ideal for occasional wear or every day wear that says you want to get noticed! 

Mix And Match Woodin By Vlisco is bright, colourful and the patterns are eye catching. It's authentic West African fashion that's designed and manufactured in Ghana. Created in short, exclusive runs that mean each design is limited and once the stock is sold, there will not be any more available! This ensures that we are bringing you the freshesh, most exclusive textiles. 

The 2 pieces of fabric measure:

Piece 1: 4 Yards (3.65 meters)

Piece 2: 2 Yards(1.82 meters)

Width: 50 inches (127 cm)

Wholesale discount available if you require large quantities so please get in touch. 





WTW09 - Woodin Two Peice Wax

PRICE - $51.30
WTW12 - Woodin Two Peice Wax

PRICE - $51.30

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