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Cerruti Roma Handbags

The stunning range of Cerruti Roma handbags and clutch bags. Crafted from 100% soft, high-quality leather in Napoli or Milan, Italy.

Choose from Cerruti Roma's clutch bags for carrying your basics or the handbags for increased capacity without compromising on luxury or style. These bags really are stunning. 

Designed in Italy, these bags are suitable for just about any occasion, and the sheer range of colours and styles mean they will fit in with whatever ensemble you choose to wear... and look amazing! If you want bright and bold handbags then Cerruti Roma has them but there are also smart, professional bags that would suit use for formal occasions or work environments. All finished with gorgeous buckles, clasps and embellishments that set the bag apart from all others for a truly unique look.

The ultimate in style and sophistication, the Cerruti Roma bag range is available for purchase around the world and if you want to order wholesale... You can make HUGE savings! Just get in touch.  





CER017 - Peach & Black Cerruti Roma Hand Bag

PRICE - $340.75
CER013 - Yellow Cerruti Roma Hand Bag

PRICE - $304.50
CER011 - Black & Lemon Cerruti Roma Clutch Bag

PRICE - $130.50
CET007 - Black & Red Cerruti Roma Hand Bag

PRICE - $239.25
CET007 - Black Valter Valentino Hand Bag

PRICE - $216.05
CET004 - Black & Lemon Cerruti Roma Hand Bag

PRICE - $319.00

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