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Premium Voile Laces

Try bringing a touch of class to your African garments with our Premium Voile Laces. Combining comfort and luxury, these Premium Voile Laces are available in a range of styles, using a blend of fabrics, to meet your every need.

Suitable for both men and women, our Premium Voile Laces are made using the best quality materials to provide durability and elegance. With each cut available in 5-yard pieces there will be enough to go around for making an outfit, or for cutting up and using for accessories, trimming or even household furnishings.

The bright patterns and beautiful array of colours that are available in every style make these Premium Voile Laces versatile fabrics for any dress, occasion or project.

Much of this range is embroidered with individual stones and bead-work, as well as scalloped edging, decorative borders, brushed and hand-cut finishing.

Our selection also features several Lurex embroidered voile laces, dry voile laces and those with embroidered motifs or net styles, with many now available in our special deals section!

At Empire Textiles we can guarantee that our Premium Voile Laces will delight the senses with their beautiful craftsmanship at affordable prices.

Worldwide shipping available with considerable discounts for wholesale clients who require large orders. 




PVL145 - Big Voile Lace
BOP - Burnt Orange, Orange & Peach

PRICE - $420.00
PVL145 - Big Voile Lace
MWP - Mint, Wine & Baby Pink

PRICE - $420.00
PVL145 - Big Voile Lace
PNG - Plum, Pink & Gold

PRICE - $420.00
PVL145 - Big Voile Lace
WRG - White, Red & Gold

PRICE - $420.00
PVL145 - Big Voile Lace
BSB - Sea Blue, Sky Blue & Black

PRICE - $420.00
PVL145 - Big Voile Lace
YTG - Yellow, Turquoise & Gold

PRICE - $420.00
PVL144 - Big Voile Lace
PDC - Petrol, Gold & Coral

PRICE - $300.00
PVL142 - Big Voile Lace
PTQ - Plum & Turquoise

R.R.P - $420.00
PRICE - $252.00
PVL135 - Big Perforated Voile Lace
WGD - White & Gold

R.R.P $420.00
NOW $354.00

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