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Exclusive Voile Laces

If you are looking for that special Swiss voile lace to create the perfect African dress or uniform, why not check out our fabulous range of Exclusive Voile Laces.

With a beautiful soft feel and made to the most exacting standards, these high quality Swiss Voile Laces come in a variety of plain, patterned or embellished styles, making them ideal for any textile project.

Many of our Voile Laces from Switzerland are unisex, making them perfect for wear by both men and women. Every piece in our range is available in a 5 yard cuts, the ideal size for dress-making or for any other craft purposes.

Available in a variety of colours, from the striking combinations of greens and pinks, purples and blacks, to demure softer tones of baby pinks and pastels. This full range of patterned pieces and colours means you won't be stuck trying to find what you're after.

As well as plain pieces, many of our Exclusive Voile Laces are decoratively embellished. Some are so lavishly embroidered that they feature as many as 5000 stones per yard, others with Swarovski stones at the centre of each motif.

Embroidered with Lurex these designs give a soft feel and beautiful lustre, with many pieces also bearing intricately decorated borders, hand-cut dry lace designs, scalloped edging, and brushed embroidered finishing.

Our Exclusive Voile Laces are just waiting for that extra special purpose you have in mind, so why not take a browse. You might even be delighted by our special exclusive Internet deals and sale prices!

Our 5 Yard Cuts are available for shipping worldwide!





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