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Celebrant Laces

The Celebrant Lace range of West African Fabrics from Empire Textiles.

Representing the most exclusive range of Lace that we provide, the Celebrant Swiss Voile fabric range are only created in short runs of 15 yards so they represent the very best lace you'll find! 

Simply stunning selection of colours & pattern in fine cotton, Swiss Viole Lace, Big Organza & Big Guipure. From pastel colours like brick & cream to bright vivid shades such as gold, royal blue & fuchsia. 

Hand finished with Swarovski Crystals and embroided with a scalloped border

Expertly crafted from silks, cottons and lurex these laces are perfect for a wide selection of West African celebrations with patterns to suit every taste and event.

Available in 5 yard lengths by 50 inch widths. (4.57m x 127cm)

Shipped across the globe!





CLB157 - Big Guipure Lace
CGD - Coral & Gold

PRICE - $1,518.00
CLB156 - Big Voile Lace
GGD - Green & Gold

PRICE - $1,173.00
CLB149 - Big Guipure Lace
ROG - Royal &Orange

PRICE - $1,173.00
CLB145 - Big Voile Lace
WHT - White

PRICE - $759.00

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