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Feast your eyes on our striking selection of genuine West African George fabric. We stock a vast range of styles and textures that include silk, polyester and cotton fabrics. Many of which contain hand-finished detail such as sparkling stones, sequins, cutwork, beading and Lurex finishes.

Used as a form of a West African attire for the discerning lady, African George fabric is available in 5 yards (4.57m) by 45 inches (1.14m) width pieces and the two-piece Georges have an additional 2 yards (1.82m) lengths

Our Georges are available in every colour under the sun; whether you are looking for dark and sultry tones such as plum, chocolate brown or rust, or prefer a bolder look that commands attention, such as peach, fuchsia and mint green shades. The stunning designs are sure to captivate and impress - But remember that our exclusive designs will not be around forever and once they're gone, they're gone! 

The patterns are attention-grabbing and simply stunning. From intricate floral designs to concentric patterns and geometric shapes: Our George fabric is as individual as the wearer and always eye-catchingly beautiful. Whether part of your everyday wear or for a special occasion, there is no doubt these beautifully hand-finished, hardwearing fabrics will make you shine! 

Let's not forget that Empire Textiles provides these amazing George fabrics at heavily discounted wholesale prices!

Buying George fabric in bulk? Check our Trade accounts and save money. We ship worldwide so our fantastic textiles can be seen in every corner of the globe!

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GRG202 - Silk Two Piece Lace George BCK - Black


PRICE - $281.25
GRG204 - Silk Three Piece Lace George GRN - Green


PRICE - $281.25

African Georges

African George cloth originally originated in India for the traditional use of saris. The cloth quickly became very popular with the African royal and noble families, sparking a fashion revolution in West Africa.

Georges are famous for their vibrancy and ability to stand out. Muted tones are a recent addition to the George scene making them suitable and practical for everyday wear. 

With beautiful hand-finished details such as gold thread, sequins and beading African Georges are sure to make you stand out at any occasion. 

African Georges at Wholesale Prices. 

All of our George Fabrics are available to order today with free shipping on larger orders. 

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