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Vibrant Wax

Vibrant Wax Print Fabric is exactly as the name suggests: Vibrant, bright, wax print material with eye-catching designs and stunning colour combinations that are perfect for special occasions but equally wonderful for every day wear that will grab the attention of people around you! 

Manufactured from 100% fine cotton and designed and produced in Holland, the Vibrant Wax Print is everything you'd expect from genuine Dutch wax print. The cotton gives the fabric a soft, silky feel but also provides a durable but fresh textile for clothing, allowing your skin to breathe and keep you cool in the heat or warm in the cold. 

Each piece of Vibrant Wax Print fabric is 6 yards (5.4m) in length and 50 inches (1.27m) in width

We ship worldwide and provide discounts for wholesale purchases so you can buy in bulk.





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