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Mitex Super Wax

The Mitex Super Wax Fabric is quite literally the very best wax fabric available. 

Created with superior cotton of the very highest quality, this fabric is incredibly soft and tactile, even by Mitex's standards: it really is beyond silky to the touch. 

The designs themselves are exclusive to Empire textiles, with incredibly vivid colours and patterns that take their influences from a huge variety of modern and traditional design: ensuring that not only will the fabric make you feel great but you'll stand out magnificently as well! 

The Mitex Super Wax Fabric is cut to 6 yard (5.486M) lengths and provides suitable material for a wide range of occasions, whether it be social gathering or every day wear, but we assure you that it will turn heads whever you go with it's contrasting patterns and atttractive, vivid colours. 

This durable but beautiful fabric is shipped worldwide too, so get in touch and place an order before it sells out!





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