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Highest Class Headtie

We're proud suppliers of the very highest class headties available for West African Fashion.

Produced from the very best materials available with rich, soft textures and finished with various patterns, gold embossing and perforations, these high quality head ties are perfect for special occasions but also ideal for wearing every day if you love to look your very best! 

We have various colours and styles that are exclusively supplied to Empire Textiles and it should be easy to find the right colour head tie to compliment your outfit perfectly! You may wish to go for a bright and bold contrasting colour or something that matches your outfit. EIther way, these truly are the highest class headties available!

Provided in 2 yard by 1 yard (1.82cm x 91cm) fabric sizes.

We ship these highest class head ties around the world and provide Wholesale Prices to Resellers.






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