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Princess Brocade by Getzner

The Princess Getzner Brocade range features patterns and designs exclusive to Empire Textiles.

Based in Austria, Getzner is famed for it's high-quality, bold fabrics and the Princess Getzner range is no exception. With rich designs in multiple colours and patterns, it is well suited to celebrate the rich West African culture it symbolises. Crafted from high quality, 100% cotton, it has a soft, shiny finish which not only catches the eye but feels incredibly comfortable against the wearer's skin. 

As with all Getzner products, the designs are produced in small, exclusive runs. Once a design is sold out, it will not be coming back, making the Princess Getzner brocade range very exclusive and wonderfully unique. 

Suitable for wearing every day and standing out or crafting into a show-stopper for social events, the Princess Getzner Brocade range comes in 5 Yards (4.57 M) lengths by 63 inches (160cm) widths. Suitable for making an entire outfit. 

We ship Worldwide! 

Exclusive discounts are available for Wholesale orders. 





PBG144 - Princess Brocade by Getzner CPB - Chocolate, Pink & Sea Blue


PRICE - $132.00
PBG144 - Princess Brocade by Getzner TFY - Turquoise, Fuchsia & Yellow


PRICE - $132.00
PBG144 - Princess Brocade by Getzner LSB - Lemon & Sea Blue


PRICE - $132.00

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