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Madame Getzner Brocade Lace

The amazing Madame Getzner Brocade Lace range is the ultimate in luxury and appeal. This fabric features the Madame Getzner 100% cotton quality with the addition of scalloped borders and intricate embroidered detailing within the design of the fabric.

Each design is produced in short runs by Getzner in Austria, exclusively for Empire Textiles

With 5 yards (457 cm) lengths by 63 inches (160 cm) widths, the Madame Getzner Brocade fabric is enough to produce a high-quality garment for the West African fashion market. 

The designs are bold, bright and everything you would expect from the Getzner range, with the added luxury of sewn lace edging and embroidered details (within the fabric) to make it something very, very special. Ideal for social events and getting noticed. 

As an official Getzner retailer, we ship worldwide and welcome wholesale orders with a large discount.







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