Although Vlisco fabrics were created in 1846, they still have a resounding impact on the fashion, design and art worlds of today, as well as being an essential part of African culture. The range and combination of colours used in Vlisco fabrics are really varied and each pattern and print inherits the vibrant African culture. Vlisco was started 150 years ago in the Netherlands by Dutch illustrators who created their interpretations of Indonesian Batik print.


The Vlisco Fabric Range

Vlisco fabrics now come in various bold forms, including: Vlisco Exclusive Super-Wax, Vlisco Java, Vlisco Super Wax, Vlisco Wax Hollandais and Voila for you by Vlisco. All of these fabrics are available to buy worldwide on Empire Textiles in 6 yard or 5.4m sizes. The special thing about the Vlisco fabrics we stock is that each design is exclusively produced in short runs, meaning that you could be buying a unique design that no one else will have! This is completely in keeping with the symbolism of Vlisco fabrics, meaning that everyone can express their own personality through their clothing.


As Individual as you Are!

Although similar in vibrancy, each type of Vlisco fabric has its own special and unique pattern, always resulting in a bold, colourful and rich fabric design making each one distinctive in its own right. Most designs are always mirrored on the front and back of the fabric to reflect African pride and status.



Vlisco Wax Hollandais is a special wax product which has one or two core colours like yellow or blue, fitted into the Wax Hollandais design. A true sign of a quality Wax Hollandais block print is when one of the colours is used to highlight a natural bubbling effect.



Super-wax is made from a densely woven, fine and luxurious cotton fabric. It always features a two-coloured and unique crackling effect. The crackling is caused by the wax-based batik technique, which gives each super wax print its uniqueness.



Java fabrics reflect Vlisco’s more Indonesian influences through detailed bold prints. The colours are traditionally vivid and bold.



The Voila for you by Vlisco prints are vibrant with contemporary patterns. The colours are traditionally rich.