West Africa is renowned for its colourful head gear. Made with a wide variety of beautiful fabrics such as lace, cotton, wax print and brocade, head pieces come in a wide variety of colours, so no matter what your hair, skin or eye colour, you will find something to suit. Head pieces can suit any occasion and are seriously coming back in fashion. Just have a browse through Empire Textiles’ head gear section to see the wide variety of choice.



Aso Oke

Aso Oke is a type of fabric used for headpieces that are hand loomed, not machine made, so you can be sure that there will be great attention paid to detail and great pride in the craftsmanship. Aso Oke is tied in a fan shape around the head, with the fabric creating a halo around the wearer.




Sego Ipele

Sego Ipele is made from every type of fabric, not just hand loomed, so there’s a far wider choice of colour and texture. Originating with the Ipele people in South Africa, this headpiece is worn similarly to the Aso Oke. Worn on special occasions such as weddings, family occasions and birthdays, why not purchase Sego Ipele fabric in a bright pink or a red floral pattern to brighten up any outfit and show off a flair for stylish West African head gear?



main_23286_RoyalBluejpgHead tie

A head tie is the simplest form of West African head gear. Exactly what it says on the tin, the head tie is tied in a simple knot and is worn every day. These also come in many colours, but you can look chic by wearing a silver head tie, which is sure to fit in with day to day wear and is still smart enough to wear to special occasions.

Whatever way you wear your West African head gear, you will receive lots of compliments on the unique touch to your outfit and have friends and family dying to know where you bought it.