Here at Empire Textiles, we know there’s nothing better than exploring our range of high-quality fabrics to create the perfect new look. If you’re looking to fashion a traditional African head wrap, we stock the full Sego Ipele and Gele range, which will enhance any outfit.



main_15040_Red_SEGOA head wrap for every occasion


Head wraps have existed in Nigeria for many generations and are still considered to be one of the most beautiful accessories in the fashion world. From traditional Nigerian Geles to elaborate aso-okes, there’s a head wrap for every occasion. The fabrics for head wraps come in numerous prints, patterns and designs. The accessory can be worn for every occasion, whether it’s a party, a family gathering or a simple shopping trip.




main_11466_B2011Segun Gele’s exquisite head wraps


Originally from Nigeria, Houston-based businessman, Segun Gele has turned head wraps into an art form. He has a natural ability to create amazing head wraps, with many graceful folds and gravity-defying arcs, in minutes. Segun has helped many women understand the art of creating a head wrap. In fact, he said some had never worn a Gele because they feared it was too difficult to tie on their own.

He first realised the importance of creating a stylish head wrap when he offered to tie one for a guest at a wedding. He created such a head-turning design with the two-yard long fabric that he soon had other guests asking for his help too. This led to Segun launching his own business creating head wraps for the bride and bridal party at weddings in Houston, New Jersey, Georgia, California, Maryland and Massachusetts!




main_18155_OrangeComplement your clothing and make-up


There’s a head wrap for every occasion. If your clothing is colourful and bold, such as an African print dress, choose a head wrap made from fabric such as Gele, Sego Ipele, or boho. If your head wrap is to accompany more formal clothing, such as a more muted evening gown or maxi dress, you can wear a brightly-coloured wrap to complement your ensemble, together with contrasting jewellery.

You can also match your make-up with your head wrap in terms of colour. For example, don’t wear bold colours of eye-shadow which will clash with any bright colours in your head wrap. Tone the colours for your make-up with the shades in your head wrap for a beautiful result.