In today’s blog, we are taking a look at how you can use leftover fabric for some easy fabric crafts to have around your home this winter. 

Most of these crafts can be based around Christmas if you celebrate it or they can be made fro any festival or celebration that you celebrate. Christmas bunting laid out on a wooden table


Bunting is a firm crafting favourite and can be used for all types of celebrations and festivals. 

In our home, we have different styles of busting to run up our stairs for different seasons.

Our latest is a new Christmas style using leftover fabrics from previous festive seasons. 

This could easily be changed to incorporated to utilise Wax prints and other African Fabrics such as the latest brocade fabrics from Getzner. 

Bunting is a simple craft that only requires some triangles of fabric to be hemmed around a piece of string or strip of fabric, that’s why it takes the top spot on our list. 

Trinket Baskets

Trinket baskets are easy to make and are ideal for tidying up cluttered sideboards or nightstands. In total, you will need 5 pieces of fabric but depending on the size of the basket you want to make they can be offcuts from garments. 

With the larger sized fabrics that we sell with most being either 6 or 10 yards like these from Vlisco, you should have more than enough left over to create one. 

To learn how to make your own you can find the full instructions here from Polkadotchair.

Bowel covers

With most of us turning to baking and cooking during the lockdown months why not create yourself a bowel cover? 

Cutting down on single-use plastics and reusing some old fabrics is a win-win for both you and the environment!

All you need for this one is a spare square of fabric and a strip of elastic. 

Start by cutting a large circle out of the fabric a little larger than the bowl you intend for it to cover. 

Outline your circle with bias tape and apply your elastic, continue all the way around pinning the fabric together as you go. 

Once all of the elastic has been placed and pinned, sew all of this together and add a stitch to the elastic to secure. 

Pan Protectors

Once you buy a good set of pans you want to look after them so they last you many years. Storing your pans in a drawer stacked on top of each other is convenient but can also scratch the cooking surface. 

For this little fabric craft, all you need is a scrap of fabric that is the same size as your pans cooking surface and a shelf liner or sticky dashboard cover.

All you need to do is cut out a circle of fabric that covers the inside cooking surface of your pan. Then do the same with the sticky cover or shelf liner. We chose to glue ours together with 4 spots from the hot glue gun. 

And that’s it! a super simple craft that will stop your pans getting scratched and you’ve used some spare fabric!



These are our latest and best craft ideas with any type of fabric but to stand out from the crowd we always recommend using African Wax Prints to add a little colour in your life.