It’s 2014 and summer is upon us, the worlds is refreshing itself and lavishing us with a wondrous amount of hues and tones, why not greet the summer heat with great African prints, Brocades or Georges in a variety of colours and styles to bring a bit of cool relief to the balmy days. Finding patterns that flatter your figure and fit in with your current sense of style is the best way to assure that your choices will be a certain hit.



  • Pullover short knits are great for that care free look that only the young can have. Opt for ones with bell sleeves to draw attention to your slim waistline and graceful neck. Opt for subdues colors or stripes to make the look cohesive with any pair of bottoms.


  • The classic cable sweater never goes out of fashion and can be paired with any number of assorted bottoms. Putting this knit with a pair of tight leggings or a short mini skirt is a great way to welcome spring while staying warm and fashionable.


  • Super long knit cardigans are great for those who like the loose homey feel of soft fabric against their skin. Instead of stealing your boyfriend’s sweater, grab one of these beauties in a variety of colours and iconise it with a large belt and a pair of ankle boots.



  • The knit sweater dress is a great way to show your chic side and stay warm at the same time. Go wild in your color choice and opt for sling backs or mule to offset the look. You can opt for dresses in muted colours and pair with bright purses or shoes for added effect.


  • Marc Jacobs Pencil Knit sweater is a great way to show your hipster side. The narrow sweater hugs your curves and looks great with a pair of hand crafted pants in African print and big chunky bangles.


  • Poncho style knits went out of style a while ago but are rapidly making a comeback pared with pencil skirts and calf boots, this knit is sure to be a hit straight of the runway.


Bright designs are not only seen in sweaters, you can find a great pair of printed leggings or a beautiful top that goes well with any outfit. Or you want to be daring; you can even go for a brightly colored knit skirt to pair with a gauzy top for a dramatic look.


Short and Long Summer Dresses