Fashion is something that isn’t bound by society, culture, or even economics.  It is truly a form of art. If you have dreamed of becoming a designer, you should know that its one of the hardest professions to break into. There are a few tips that can help you learn how to become a fashion designer. Like with anything that’s worth doing, it will require a certain amount of study and dedication before you can realize your dreams.


There are a lot of television shows that make it seem as easy as assembling a dress and showing up at fashion week; this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the majority of designer often never get a chance to showcase their creations during fashion week. A few key points to keep in mind about how to become a fashion designer, is that you have to have an intense amount of industry knowledge, buckets of creativity, a good eye for materials and fabric,  a dash of business sense and a whole lot of patience to help you respond to the steep pressure involved in the process.


Keep yourself Inspired


Young black beauty with perfect skinIt’s important to stay motivated as well as have an eye on your goal constantly. Surround yourself with pictures and quotes from your favourite designers. Make a book about the different types of designs you like that are out there. The ones that capture your desire, research. Ask people in the business questions regarding the categories you like to get opinions and guidance. It’s good to take cues from other designers, but only as the inspiration for your own sketches.
Draw it out


A part of being a fashion designer is being able to convert the pictures in your mind’s eye to reality. Only you can see what’s in your head, so you will need to sketch your designs in order to work on them with others. You don’t have to excel at art, but you must be able to draw an actionable representation of the garment. If you need help, don’t be ashamed to attend a sketching class.



Many schools offer several courses just for designers in training. You will learn how to mix colors on paper, as well as how to draw different fabrics according to the way they drape. You will need to learn how to sew if you don’t already know. Almost all designer sew their own clothing until the final product goes into mass production. If you don’t want to take a formal class, a great way to gain experience is by interning at a garments house. You will learn how to make clothes and fit them to different body types as well as sewing and how to market designs to consumers. These are important steps of how to become a fashion designer.


Voilà for you, by Vlisco - Bold and beautiful!

Voilà for you, by Vlisco – Bold and beautiful!