We all have spare pieces of fabric lying around from our larger projects but what should we do with that scrap of Silk Cotton Wax or Voile lace?

We’ve got the top 5 best small craft projects that you can complete in under an hour and use some of your spare fabric up. 

Phone Case

A phone case seems like such a simple project but it can be made as intricate as you like. 

Starting with a small backing pice stitch a smaller piece of fabric onto the front on 3 sides leaving one side open for you to slip your phone into. 

You can then finish this with a clip for that extra bit of security.

vibrant fabrics work well here giving your project a touch of style. 

Chapstick Holder

Much the same as the phone case this simple craft project takes only minutes to create but is very handy if you lose your chapstick. 

The process is exactly the same as the phone case holder but this one benefits from the added clip to attach to your keys to make sure you never lose it again. 

With only 2 cuts of fabric, you can have a cute holder that will last a lifetime. 


We have posted about making your own necklaces before but this method is super simple craft project and can be completed with marbles which are inexpensive and easy to find in any discount store.

Pin cushions made from scrap fabric

Simply start with a long thin piece of fabric, no wider than 2 inches and around 40 inches long.

Next Fold the fabric in half lengthways and stick up both ends. Now you can place in your marbles and secure them in place by tieing a knot either side. 

Repete this process until you are satisfied and then stitch up any remaining fabric. 

You can also finish the piece by tapering the ends and adding more stitches if you would like to tie the necklace rather than sewing it together. 


Bookmarks are a quick and easy project that make great gifts and can be completed with a small piece of fabric and some elastic. 

Start by taking a piece of fabric cut into a rectangle, that is the size of your average book. 

Fold it in half so the pattern is on both sides, next take your elastic strip and place it inside the folded fabric. Now stitch that side up trapping the elastic inside. 

Repeat the process on the other side making sure not to stretch the elastic too much as this will wrinkle the fabric. 

It is as simple as that. you have one beautiful looking bookmark that doubles as a page holder.

Fabric Rosette

These are the easiest of all the small projects listed here and can be finished in under 5 minutes. All you need is a few long strips of fabric and some glue (Mod Podge works best!).

Start with taking one long piece of fabric, Ripped edges are ideal for a realism look but straight cut fabric works well. 

Squirt some of your glue at the end of the fabric and then start rolling it up. Don’t worry if the fabric starts to twist as that is what we are going for here, be as messy as you can be. 

Keep rolling the fabric around itself popping a spot of your glue as you go to keep it all in place. 

Once you are at the end you can use some more glue or a stitch to keep it permanently rolled up as your new rosette. 

These can be added to garments or bags for an extra touch of class.