African fabrics are bright and vibrant meaning you can wear them all year round with any style of outfit.
But what bout the festive period?
Today we take a look at how you can use African fabrics in your festive wardrobe this season. 


Vlisco fabrics are no exception when it comes to bright and vibrant patterns. 

These fit in perfectly with the festive period showcasing reds and greens to fit the original style for the season or you can splash out with a more subtle sparkle with the Embellished Holland range
No matter what your fabric choice is from the Vlisco range you will be sure to make a statement with any garment crafted from vlisco fabrics.


Getzner fabrics come in a wide range of styles and colours to suit any wardrobe. 

These fabrics are densely woven meaning they can keep you warm on even the coldest days, coupled with bright patterns for a party outfit that everyone will adore.
Getzner’s stand out range is the Super Wagambari /Gold XL Brocade. From shimmering golds to subtle colours giving you a whole host of options when combining fabrics for a festive style. 


This is one for the men. Brocade is a timeless fabric that has muted tones and subtle patterns meaning it can be worn all year round. 

perfect for the festive party season, brocade is both warm and stylish giving you a classic look for work parties and social events. 

Shoes and bags

we all know that shoes can make or break an outfit! if you’ve got the perfect dress but the shes don’t match it can be a disaster. 

That’s why here at Empire Textiles we stock a huge range of shoe and bag sets from top Italian designers. 

All of our sets come coupled with a matching bag meaning you’ll never have to search for the perfect bag to go with your shoes! 

Whatever you’re looking for this party season we have every type of fabric and accessories you could ever want for your African inspired outfit. 

Bright colours for parties and events all the way to thick fabrics to keep you warm in any weather.