When we see African prints we are usually reminded of sunshine, heat and endless summers, but in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn and winter have landed with a chilly bump and it’s time to layer up to beat those icy winds. However, frosty mornings and drizzly evenings are no reason to pack away those beautiful prints and patterns; taking inspiration from the changing colours around us we can still indulge our love for West African prints and brighten up our day-to-day lives with a beautiful brocade.

All of the Empire range are available in a HUGE selection of colours, like this Queen Elizabeth Brocade

All of the Empire range are available in a HUGE selection of colours, like this Queen Elizabeth Brocade

Autumn is a time of rich coppers, ripe berry colours, purples and golds. This season we can also indulge in the recent trend towards yellow, as the colour makes its mark on high street collections. So put aside your summer pastels and embrace the opportunity to upstage the usual plum knitwear and grey woollen hats we see around our cities. Dress up a plain cold weather outfit with a statement cape in vibrant patterns made up of warm autumnal colours. Go all out with skirts and dresses in warm oranges and reds to make an impact, or choose accessories such as scarves and belts to breathe new life into old outfits. Choosing brocades which feature purples and oranges will help you lead by vivacious example with unique, unusual prints that won’t be found on high street rails.


Ideal Fabrics, Whatever the Weather!


You’ll find that all the brocade fabrics are produced to traditional West African standards and will prove to be hard-wearing for the upcoming season. Brocades often include metallic threads running through the patterns, just waiting to shine in the low firelight of autumn evenings or reflect the colours of fairy lights as December and January parties draw near.

Brocade comes in a variety of styles; choose bold, colourful prints that will draw the eye or more muted palettes to complement other pieces in your wardrobe. Although autumn and winter are not seasons we traditionally associate with West Africa, a statement piece made of rich, West African brocade could be just what you’re looking for to set you apart from the more run-of-the-mill choices this autumn and winter.

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