magnifying-glassHere at Empire Textiles, we pride ourselves on offering fabrics from a wide variety of different African fashion brands. We believe that this allows us to offer our customers the greatest possible variety of styles and materials while simultaneously ensuring that everything we sell is top-quality. One of the popular brands that we supply is Mitex Holland. But why are Mitex Holland fabrics so sought-after and highly regarded? In today’s blog entry, we’ll discuss the history of Mitex Holland and the kind of fabrics they produce in order to give you an insight into what makes this brand so popular among fans of African fashion.

Part of the reason for Mitex Holland’s popularity may be the extent of its experience in the fashion industry. The brand has been in existence for over 35 years. What’s more, it’s a family-run business that hasn’t been sold off or rebranded during that time. Because it has been owned by one family with a single vision for 35 years, Mitex Holland has been able to use its experience to develop and perfect its own unique style. It is therefore unsurprising that it produces such high-quality fabrics.

Another reason for the brand’s popularity is its versatility. Mitex Holland specialises in producing fabrics with wax print designs. Wax printing enables brands to produce almost any imaginable design. Mitex Holland has therefore been able to create a large number of different prints for their products.

Despite being incredibly prolific, however, the brand never strays too far from its traditional roots. Mitex Holland fabrics are notable for their use of earthy colours and simple, well-established design aesthetics. This adherence to tradition makes them especially popular among aficionados who want African fabrics that look and feel truly authentic while still sporting new, interesting designs.

One could describe Mitex Holland as the opposite of Vlisco. Whereas Vlisco printed fabrics tend to be immensely colourful and modern, Mitex Holland adheres to a timeless, well-tested design philosophy to produce traditional-looking fabrics. Both brands offer the same high-quality but produce completely different styles of fabric. We’ve discussed the appeal of Vlisco in previous blog entries, but comparing and contrasting it against Mitex Holland truly demonstrates the scope and versatility of African fashion and fabrics.

If you ever wondered why Mitex Holland fabrics are so popular, the explanation is simple: they’re high-quality, beautifully designed and thoroughly traditional.