Do you own a small clothing business or fashion retailer? If so, we think you should consider investing in our west African fabrics as soon as possible. They are the perfect material for creating colourful, vibrant garments that are bound to appeal to prospective customers. Here at the Empire Textiles blog, we often provide advice for people who are creating west African clothing for themselves. Today, we’d like to give you some tips for designing and selling these garments professionally.

1. Invest in Multiple Brands

There are a wide variety of West African textiles from different brands, such as Vlisco, Mitex Holland and Getzner. As we’ve discussed before, every brand has it’s own distinct aesthetic. Getzner often offers more subtle patterns and colours, while Mitex Holland uses rich, traditional patterns and Vlisco fabrics are recognisable by their vibrancy and brightness. In order to appeal to the widest possible demographic, you should create garments using as many different brands as possible. Create clothing for everyone and they will want to buy your garments.

2. Use Lace and Brocade

Lace and brocade can be used to augment your garments and give them an appealing visual twist. Obviously, you shouldn’t incorporate them into every item of clothing that you produce, as some customers will prefer garments with less adornment. However, we do recommend adding them to some of your garments, as they have the power to give an outfit added visual flair and a sense of sophistication. Garments with lace and brocade can often attract customers who are looking for high-class garments for special occasions. They are an essential part of your range.

3. Be Original

When you’re designing and creating garments to sell to the public, it’s important to be original. You have to stand out if you want to succeed as a fashion retailer, so it’s imperative that you offer something your customers can’t get anywhere else. Use your imagination to create items of clothing that will capture customers’ attention and give them a reason to buy from you.

Here at Empire Textiles, we can supply you with an enormous range of West African textiles from brands like Vlisco and Mitex Holland. We offer Wax Prints, lace, brocade, jacquard fabrics and even accessories. So if you’re ready to start retailing stylish African garments, make us your first port of call for the materials you need.