As our regular readers know, Vlisco and Mitex Holland produce some of the richest and most exuberant west African fabrics on the market. They are most often used to create stylish women’s clothing. However, there’s no reason they can’t be used to craft striking men’s garments, such as colourful, attention-grabbing suits. Are you considering making a custom men’s suit using west African fabrics? If so, we can give you some valuable pointers. Here at Empire Textiles, we have an in-depth understanding of fashion and west African style, so we’re perfectly positioned to provide you with valuable tips on creating a gorgeous custom suit.

1. Use a single pattern

West African fabric patterns tend to be bold and unique. It’s therefore important to choose a single pattern for both the suit jacket and trousers. Unfortunately, two strong patterns can clash with one another or detract from each others’ impact when they are used in a single outfit. In contrast, using a single pattern can create an energetic yet visually cohesive effect. However, it’s important to note that you can use other patterns for smaller accessories (such as pocket squares and ties). Such accessories are too discrete to interfere with your suit’s visual equilibrium, so they can be used to offset its main pattern.

2. Opt for silk lining

Every suit jacket needs an appropriate lining. West African fabrics are suave and luxurious. Any suit made from these fabrics requires an equally luxurious lining. We suggest using silk. Silk is a refined, classy material. What’s more, it’s available in a wide variety of colours, which means you can easily find one that matches the dominant colour of your suit.

3. Choose a simple, classic cut

There’s no need to opt for a complex, overly-elaborate cut. The strong, elaborate designs of West African textiles will make a great impression on their own, so it’s better to choose a straight-forward cut. A more complicated cut may distract from their aesthetic impact.

Of course, before you can start working on your suit, you’ll need to choose the perfect fabric. Check out the extensive range in our online shop today.