Whether you’ve chosen to wear the dramatic geometric patterns of Vlisco Exclusive Super-Wax fabrics, or a delicate voile lace style, your outfit isn’t complete without the right matching handbag and pair of shoes. To be perfectly dressed, your shoes and bag need to work well with the pattern you have chosen, bringing out a colour or style you want to highlight.


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Special occasions need special accessories


It is possible to just put on whatever dark shoes you already have in the closet, but plain black court shoes can look out of place with the vibrant colours you are wearing. When you dress for a special occasion, you need to wear shoes that match.

Instead of plain black shoes, look for a pair that draws a bit of attention. With rhinestone patterns and accents, a black shoe can be worn well with many designs. A matching bag pulls together the whole outfit in the perfect way.


Don’t be afraid of colour


main_1630_510With many West African fabrics, the colour is what can really draw you in. A bright fabric will turn heads, but matching it with a bold pair of shoes and matching handbag will make you stand out from the crowd.

There are three main options when it comes to choosing the colour for your accessories. First, you can match your shoes and bag to the main colour of the fabric. Second, you can match your accessories to a secondary colour in the pattern. Finally, you can opt for a contrasting colour.

Each of these options can make your accessories a serious part of your style, bringing them beyond being merely functional items. For even more of a splash, rhinestones can be used to create patterns that echo some of the details of your dress.


Patterns are in


Another thing to consider is the patterns on a shoe and bag set. This can add even more variety to your outfit. Patterns can be used as decorative additions, such as rhinestones, or can be part of the shoe’s material itself. Animal skin patterns can be a stunning base colour for your accessories.

Whatever you choose, having the perfect pair of shoes and matching bag will finish your outfit in just the right way.


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