There are no two ways about it: West African fabrics are beautiful. From brocade to Swiss Voile to French Lace, the fabrics are decadent, luxurious and downright fabulous. However, the fact that these fabrics feature so many different textures, colours and patterns can make it tricky to know which accessories to pair them with. We have a great range of Italian designer shoes and bags on offer and here are our top tips for pairing them with your gorgeous West African fabrics.


unnamed (3)1) Don’t be afraid to clash

Clashing used to be one of fashion’s big sins, but we’ve come a long way since then. Done well, pairing different contrasting colours together can actually look really chic and make an outfit come alive. Think about putting a bright fuchsia pink with lovely deep emerald green, or lifting your royal blue with a pop of glowing orange.


2) Pick a colour already in the fabric

Lots of our textiles include bright patterns with lots of different colours involved. Try picking shoes or bags that match one of these colours. This will bring all the colours together and means you get to have some fun with clashing, while still coordinating.


3) Match your bag and shoes

Most of our shoes and bags come in matching sets. You will find that if you wear them together, the fact they match themselves will bring the outfit together. The fabric of your clothing may be entirely different but the eye will connect your shoes and bag and make it look like a very coordinating outfit.

West African handbags and shoes

4) Pick a more neutral shoe and bag combination

At complete contrast to our first tip, another option is to choose a more neutral colour for your bag and shoes. This is a great idea because it means that they will go with lots of things in your wardrobe, which could save you from having to buy new shoes for every outfit. A versatile alternative to black or white is to go for a metallic choice. Silver, for instance, will go with lots of other things while still being unique and interesting in itself.