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VGW188 - Vlisco Grand SuperWax

  • $212.50
Length = 6 yards (5.4m)
Width = 50 inches (1.27m)
VGW188 - Vlisco Grand SuperWaxv


  • Vlisco Limited Edition Super Wax Fabric

  • Extra-Densely Woven Fabric

  • 6-yard (5.4M) lengths by 50-inch (127 cm) widths

  • Made with silk-like soft super fine cotton

  • Vlisco: Produced in Holland since 1846

  • Eye-catching colours & designs

  • Large, natural balling effect

  • Abstract patterns printed on both sides

  • Exclusive designs for Empire Textiles

  • Worldwide Shipping

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VGW188 - Vlisco Grand SuperWax

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