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French/Organza Laces

At Empire Textiles we know how important it is that the materials you choose for your uniform, dress or other African textile project create the right look.

For a bolder style and striking array of shapes, colours and patterns, why not browse through our large selection of French and Organza Laces. Particularly big in African couture.

Our range of French and Organza Laces are of the utmost quality and most are suitable for wear by both men and women. With our pieces being sold in 5 yard cuts, you can rely on having a large enough spread to make that all-important dress or traditional African uniform.

At Empire Textiles, our selection of richly decorated French and Organza Laces are embellished with acute attention to detail, accessories and even layered with different materials for a lustrous and luxurious texture.

Many of our French and Organza Laces come embroidered with Lurex net finishing, metallic sequins and stitching, double net lace, as well as layered suede, leather and velvet look patches to create a truly sensuous fabric ideal for garments.

Available in a range of striking patterns and colours, from dark hues to light pastels, these French and Organza Laces will certainly bring something different to your garment. 

5 Yard Lengths cut to order!

With so many of our luxurious French and Organza Lace fabrics in our sale, why not take a look and start planning that all important party outfit!

Shipped Worldwide!





FRN284 -Big French Lace
PPL - Purple

R.R.P - $350.00
PRICE - $175.00
FRN286 -Big French Lace
GRN - Green

R.R.P - $252.00
PRICE - $100.80
FRN286 -Big French Lace
VIO - Violet

R.R.P - $252.00
PRICE - $100.80

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