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CLB166 - Big Voile Lace

  • $1,062.50
Length: 5 Yards (4.56M)
Width: 50 Inches (1.27M)
CLB166 - Big Handmade Lace

Celebrant Lace

Swiss Voile Lace Fabric

Extremely Limited Edition

Exclusive Design: No more than 15 yards of each are ever made! 

Manufactured in Switzerland

Hand finished with Swarovski Crystals

Embroidery and Scalloped Border

Available in a range of colours

Crafted from Cotton, Silk and Lurex

Up to 50% off RRP!

Cut to 5 yard lengths (4.57m) by 50 inches wide (127cm)

Shipped worldwide

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Highest Class Swiss Perforated   Lace

CLB166 - Big Voile Lace

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